Legion Commander İtem Rehberi

. Tresdin’s Skill Usage

Overwhelming Odds This skill is Tresdin’s only nuke and does great AoE damage in a pretty big area for its mana cost, taking into consideration Tresdin’s high intelligence gain. However, its damage is the actually the least spectacular part of the skill. It is extremely useful when you need to chase down a target in order to get in range to cast Duel or when you are running away, due to the movement speed boost. Furthermore, it works well when defending towers, especially when you are facing illusion heroes (like Chaos Knight, Phantom Lancer, Manta users) or summon heroes (like Furion, Broodmother), because it will clear all illusions, heavily damage summons and creeps, and essentially stop the push in its tracks. It works much like a weaker Echo Slam, in that the more units there are, the stronger it is. Because the movement speed bonus and the percentage damage to illusions stays the same at all levels, only one point should be put into this skill early and then maxed last. The damage itself is quite good, but Tresdin’s other skills are much more useful in comparison.
Press the Attack This skill is the best debuff remover in the entire game. It removes all negative effects from the targeted hero, which can be his allies or himself, meaning you can use it to save your allies from almost any disable or DoT. Note that some effects cannot be removed. Furthermore, the numbers themselves are quite impressive as well. 120 IAS and 240 HP regen over 4 seconds are nothing to scoff at, and can mean the difference between killing an enemy hero or dying. At the beginning of the game, when farming, you should use it primarily to keep your health at a reasonable level so you won’t fall into risk of dying while jungling. Later on, you should use it to boost your attack speed to increase your chances of killing your target within the duration of Duel (remember to cast Press the Attack BEFORE Duel!), as well as to save yourself or your allies from a gank. In the end, when disables can make or break a game, you should save it almost exclusively for removing disables, except when pushing a crucial tower/rax or team-focusing their carry.
Moment of Courage This skill is the best physical damage tanking passive in the entire game, provided that you aren’t disabled and are able to hit an enemy unit. This is the skill that makes it unnecessary to return to the fountain except to pick up items. This is the skill that makes you a tank carry. It works just like Axe’s Counter Helix, except instead of doing damage per proc, Tresdin has a 22% chance to retaliate instantly with lifesteal every time he is attacked. If the skill procs often, you essentially have 400% IAS and 80% lifesteal every other attack, which is insane and unachievable by any other hero. This skill allows you to gank people even when they surrounded by their creeps and under their tower, something that every other hero avoids doing. Fighting an enemy hero in their creeps or tower (which can also activate the lifesteal) makes it much more likely that you will be attacking at double the speed and with 80% lifesteal every other attack, which speeds up the kill and keeps you healthy. Of course, you’ll need decent HP to soak up the initial nukes, and also decent damage to lifesteal enough and mitigate the damage you take. Later on, you’ll probably need BKB/Hood to let you take the magical damage, which is probably the only thing you fear with this skill. However, it is definitely possible to gank a single hero at level 6 with Duel and level 2/3 Moment of Courage with no problems, as long as you don’t have horrid luck. Furthermore, this skill lets you jungle with no problems, even with only one point in it, although more levels in it definitely makes it exponentially easier. Not only that, if you do get low on health after a gank or teamfight, the jungle acts as a fountain, because you can go in and quickly lifesteal off creeps. This skill is maxed first because it is Moment of Courage, not Duel or Press the Attack, that makes Tresdin what he is, a tank carry that does more damage the more he is focused.
DuelCalls the targeted enemy for a duel. Both you and the enemy will be forced to attack each other and will both be unable to use items or abilities. The victor gains 10 permanent bonus damage.

5. Tresdin’s Skill Build

Level 1 – Press The Attack Level 2 – Moment of Courage Level 3 – Moment of Courage Level 4 – Press The Attack Level 5 – Overwhelming Odds/Moment of Courage Level 6 – Duel Level 7 – Moment of Courage/Overwhelming Odds Level 8 – Moment of Courage Level 9 – Press The Attack Level 10 – Press The Attack Level 11 – Duel Level 12 – Overwhelming Odds Level 13 – Overwhelming Odds Level 14 – Overwhelming Odds Level 15 – Stats Level 16 – Duel Level 17+ – Stats
In case I haven’t mentioned already, Tresdin should jungle instead of farming in lane.
Press The Attack is taken first because you’ll need the burst heal when you first start jungling, as your damage and level 1 Moment of Courage lifesteal are too low to keep you alive most of the time. Moment of Courage is taken the next 2 levels in order to sustain your health against neutrals, and Press The Attack is taken afterwards in case you need a burst heal it gets too low, as well as providing a security blanket in case of jungle gank with slows and such. At level 5, you’ll need to take a look at your health and decide whether to take Overwhelming Odds or Moment of Courage. If you’ve gotten unlucky with Moment of Courage procs and your health is low, take Moment of Courage. Otherwise, take Overwhelming Odds, because you might need the boost in movement speed and less importantly, the nuke, when you go ganking after you get Duel the next level. At level 7, take Overwhelming Odds if you haven’t skilled it already. Max out Moment of Courage, Press The Attack, and Overwhelming Odds, in that order, taking Duel whenever possible. Moment of Courage lets you Duel people while standing in creeps and can increase your DPS by a huge margin, Press The Attack gives you the burst of attack speed or health you need to win sometimes, as well as a debuff remover, and Overwhelming Odds only increases the raw nuke damage, so it is not as important.

6. Tresdin’s Item Build

Starting Items
+ +
Quelling Blade increases your already high starting damage so you can kill neutrals faster. Stout Shield reduces the damage you take so you can tank neutrals with no problem as soon as you get Moment of Courage. Tango gives you the heal you need before level 2 and when you get unlucky with Moment of Courage procs. These 3 items are enough to sustain you in jungle, so even if you random Tresdin, save the gold so you can get your next items earlier.


Core Items
+ OR +
Phase Boots gives you the speed and Phase ability you need to chase enemies heroes down to Duel without getting blocked by creeps. Furthermore, the raw damage it adds benefits you much more than the attack speed that Treads adds, due to how Moment of Courage works. Lothars Edge or Blink Dagger gives you a positioning mechanism so you can actually get close enough to Duel someone without getting disabled on sight. I prefer Lothars Edge, because although it can be countered by Sentries, Dust, or Gem, it allows you to get close, backstab, activate Press the Attack and Blademail, and Duel, all within half a second, while Dagger is too instant and doesn’t give you the timeframe to activate your buffs without wasting their duration. Furthermore, the raw damage Lothars provides is nice as well. Finally, Armlet is your first DPS item, and is perfect for Tresdin, because it gives both damage and HP when activated. The HP degen is not a problem because Tresdin is a lifestealing machine with Moment of Courage, but still don’t keep Armlet on when unnecessary.
Build order:Boots – Blades of Attack (2x) – Quarterstaff – Claymore – Lothars – Helm – Blades of Attack – Gloves – Armlet


Extension Items
+ +
Black King Bar lets you actually Duel someone without being disabled, which would render your Moment of Courage useless, as you need to be able to attack to take advantage of the lifesteal and the double attack. Furthermore, if your enemies get Gem to counter your Lothars, you’ll need BKB to actually get close enough to cast Duel. BKB is THE item that patches up all your weaknesses, which are magical damage/disables. Blademail synergizes extremely well with Duel, because enemy heroes are forced to attack you and eat their own damage also. If they try to spam other commands to avoid attacking you, your Moment of Courage will proc even more often, because it checks when your opponent’s attack BEGINS, not when it actually hits. Therefore, a hero spamming Stop to avoid hitting himself on your Blademail will just proc your lifesteal and double attack more often, which does just as much damage. Blademail, therefore, traps your opponent between a rock and a hard place and forces him to make a painful decision quickly, which will usually help you greatly. Desolator is your first big DPS item, and it allows you to shred heroes like hot knife through butter. Before it, we’ve focused on items that help keep you alive while Dueling, but you need the damage as well to truly make you deadly. This poses your enemies with a difficult dilemma: do we attack that Tresdin so he stops killing our team, at the risk of proccing his Moment of Courage, or do we ignore him while he rampages through our supports? Either way, you will be able to do immense damage through Desolator. Remember however, always get Desolator AFTER BKB and Blademail, because you need the tankiness beforehand to actually live long enough and do your damage.
Build order:Ogre Axe – Mithril Hammer – BKB – Broadsword – Chainmail – Robe – Mithril Hammer (2x) – Desolator


Luxury Items



Situational Items



Rejected Items

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