Dota Heroes-Tiny

Skill Set

Click on the icon to see its effect.


Mechanics: It deals four sets of damage, instead of being instant pure damage like LSA and the likes. Strategics: It’s pretty much one of the lamest easiest to target AoE skills. Since it deals a flurry of damages in 2 seconds. Enemies who enter it in the duration will still be stunned. See how lame this skill is. You use Avalanche as your ganking/ stunning/ supporting/ initiating skill. Any stun and damage skill is worth a starting skill, and Avalanche is for sure a very helpful tool for you and your team.


Mechanics: The target tossed is considered disabled for 2 seconds, though he may still be attacked or affected by all types of damage he can receive while in normal state. DK in Dragon From cannot be tossed. Strategics: You use it as a conjunction with your Avalanche as a powerful gank/ damage/ killing combo. Toss also keeps to opponent in place so Toss is also another support/ ganking/ initiating skill like Avalanche. Toss is a great way to let your creativity flow out. How? Read on.

Craggy Exterior

Mechanics: It already has a chance to trigger when an attack animation begins. It is considered able to “stack” together with Butterfly, though I don’t know wtf that info is for in this guide. Strategics: This is better leveled in mid-late game simply because Craggy Exterior triggers much more often in these stages because enemies are more on attacking you physically. It’s even better not leveled anymore (Until your last levels) when you face a team which doesn’t make use of melee carry heroes.


Mechanics: Illusions doesn’t benefit from this, which means they will remain in the size of a tiny without Grow. Strategics: It’s better leveled when you have maxed Avalanche and Toss, because you can deal more deadly hits while the enemy is standing still from your combo.

++++++++ GS2.++++++++


Skill Build

My one and only build. Level 1

– Avalanche

Level 2

– Toss

Level 3

– Avalanche

Level 4

– Toss

Level 5

– Avalanche

Level 6

– Toss

Level 7

– Avalanche

Level 8

– Toss

Level 9

– Grow!

Level 10

– Attribute Bonus/ Craggy Exterior

Level 11

– Grow!

Level 12

– Attribute Bonus/ Craggy Exterior

Level 13

– Attribute Bonus/ Craggy Exterior

Level 14

– Attribute Bonus/ Craggy Exterior

Level 15

– Attribute Bonus

Level 16

– Grow!

Level 17

– Attribute Bonus/ Craggy Exterior

Level 18

– Attribute Bonus/ Craggy Exterior

Level 19

– Attribute Bonus/ Craggy Exterior

Level 20

– Attribute Bonus/ Craggy Exterior

Level 21

– Attribute Bonus

Level 22

– Attribute Bonus

Level 23

– Attribute Bonus

Level 24

– Attribute Bonus

Level 25

– Attribute Bonus

Generally Avalanche and Toss are to be maxed first because they are the key skills of Tiny. Almost everyone knows that, even in pubs.

Grow is learnt at level 9 because that is the period where Avalanche and Toss are maxed, and that is the perfect time to level grow. People usually get Grow at level 6, I don’t think that’s anywhere near bad. The reason why my build maxes the two skills first is that they give you more kills earlier

Getting Craggy Exterior is situational. The factor you should give attention to is if the enemies have about 1-2 melee DPS heroes and the time when they get strong. If you think that they’re already strong in early mid, get it earlier. However, when there are no melee DPS heroes in the enemy team at all, don’t get Craggy Exterior other than your last few levels.

++++++++ GS3.++++++++


Item Build

Starting Items

– Most of the time you’ll be getting tangos and branches for early game survival. Boots of Speed


2 Bracers/ Nulls

are no-brainers. You need them for better survival and better ganking/ chasing capabilities. Empty Bottle

is the stationary item of all gankers, and bottle is your main source of regeneration. It helps you cast more Avalanches/Tosses. Runes are also stepping stones to victory, and using them at the right time is a must. Blink Dagger

is a MUST for every tank/ initiator. Tiny has very strong but melee ranged AoE spells, and getting Blink Dagger makes it easier for you to get near them, without any problems at all. Dagger is also abusable in many ways. You can use it to chase, escape and almost every kind of abuse you can do.



Extension Items

Boots of Travel

Turning BoS into BoT is a no-brainer. There should be no conflict between Power Treads and BoT simply because BoT owns Treads for Tiny. Tiny doesn’t attack fast. He needs to move fast, and BoT is just what makes Tiny faster.

Shiva’s Guard

Shiva’s Guard gives you three benefits which you NEED. First, it gives you armor, which you don’t have that much. It also gives you more tanking capabilities. Second, it gives you a great amount of mana so you can spam your spells more. Third, it gives you a skill which lets you and your team chase enemies, and also another conjunction after Blink+Ava-toss.

Heart of Tarrasque

Every tank has HoT as an extension item. It gives you more hp and regeneration, plus a bit of damage. Both the hp and damage from HoT are welcome so generally you would also want to get Heart if you’re really farming good.



Further Item Discussion Items in green are optional. Items in red are bad.

Hood of Defiance

– It’s a great tanking item. Your armor is low, and the magic reduction serves as your deduction from a lot of spells. Get it if you want to, it’s worth getting in several games you may encounter.

Linken’s Sphere – With the large buff in the 6.50 versions, Linken’s Sphere is a possible item for Tiny. It can block some harmful spells and you can block two spells within less than 20 seconds. The stats it gives are also beneficial. Sheepstick

– Of course this is welcome. It gives you mana and a disable, incase your team lacks or needs another disable. The reason why this didn’t enter my core or even extension is because Tiny isn’t pure support and he also has to focus on his initiating/ ganking power. Cuirass

– Quite optional because other than the armor, you get attack speed which is not your primary source of damage because you use your spells more than you attack. Cuirass is still worth a try to those who want Tank-DPS hybrids. IAS Items

– Also optional because we want to focus more on other aspects than Tiny’s DPS capabilities. DPS Items

– No. Tiny has bad attack speed with Grow and getting DPS + IAS Items would make me feel like you’re focusing more on Tiny’s DPS capabilities, which is the focus of most guides here in DP. Sorry never my taste in my whole life. Manta Style

– I have no idea why you would like to get this. Of course you get something to chase the enemy from Diffusal Blade’s Purge and additional hp but the real reason is you never get all the juice from this item, which is, your images can’t benefit from grow.


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