Dota Heroes- naix

Hero Introduction

Strength: 25 + 2.4
Agility: 18 + 1.9
Intelligence:15 + 1.75

Damage: 57 – 67
Armor: 1.6
Movespeed: 315
Attack Range: 100 (melee)
Sight Range: 1800 / 800

  • Well if just first look at him, you will think Naix is a pretty obvious hero so he doesn’t need a guide. But to me, he’s pretty unique which is not hard to use but hard to master. He’s a very good late carry, but also so dangerous early -> mid game when normally all the int hero with hard nuke spell or disable own, but with his rage he just make them feel so -disable-, run or be killed! This guide gonna show you how to make Naix a truly killer in which he can kill most of target alone and rarely let them have a chance to get away.

Hero Skill

Please use this link for detail: Naix Dota Hero Detail

  • Rage: Let’s make it simple, is like a BKB but also give you bonus attack speed.
  • Feast: Those tanker late game not gonna like this… And with this skill, you can farm neutral pretty easy with right item build.
  • Open Wounds: One of the best slow you can get in the game.
  • Infest: Another way make your farming faster, sometimes it help you escape or fight back.

(this skill build is just optional, depends on each situation)

Level 1: Feast
Level 2: Open Wounds
Level 3: Rage
Level 4: Feast
Level 5: Feast
Level 6: Infest
Level 7: Open Wounds

  • Max Open Wounds first then Rage, ulti get when you can.
  • You get Feast first since that will help you stay lane with health-supplier. Then Open Wounds to attend gank with teammate, 1 level of Rage early help you to gank as well as escape. Sometimes if you’re in a hard lane or feel something will coming, you might get Rage first or Open Wounds.

Item Build:
There are many item build for Naix out there, the most common one you normally see is Armlet, Deso… After playing few hundreds of game, testing so many different kind of build (even radiance once) I prefer the build I’m gonna show you now the most since it allow you to farming neutral quick, farm faster, and when you gank hardly anyone can escape from you.

With 600 you will buy:

  • Stout Shield
  • Quelling Blade
  • 1 tango

This is the first item I always get and with skill Feast, I feel comfortable with almost any enemy I face in lane. But if you don’t believe much in your lane control skill, then I suggest buying Quelling Blade later and get more health.

Then you buy item in order:

  • Boot
  • Glove Of Haste
  • Finish Tread (Strength)
  • Glove Of Haste
  • Finish Poor Man Shield
  • Javelin
  • Belt Of Giant Strength
  • Finish Cranium Basher

Why get Tread and Glove Of Haste first? Well, you’re a killer but just not yet a killer for early game. So your main objective early is safety and farm. With skill Feast + Tread + Glove Of Haste + Your starting item you will easily farm in neutral without losing much health, you also can try Ancient.

But with just those item, you can only gank with teammate, so your next item will be something allow you to gank alone, and that’s Cranium Basher.

Late Item

  • Mithril Hammer
  • Finish Maelstrom
  • Hyper Stone
  • Finish Mjollnir
  • Hyper Stone
  • Finish Assault Cuirass

If you didn’t recognize it yet then let me tell you. All your item are all increase attack speed, I mean great attack speed. Well, with Naix’s skill Feast and your core item Basher then your most favorite bonus will be 3 things, Attack Speed, Attack Speed & Attack Speed. And with this build, you can farming really quick with Maelstrom and Mjollnir since they let them hit multiple target (simple understanding something like farming with battlefury ^^). For a game last 40-50 minutes, I normally can get Basher and Mjollnir sometimes with another Hyper Stone. And about Basher, I normally get at the minutes 22, well just practice him sometimes you will know is so easy to farm with him.

One small note here is that when you have Mjollnir, if you Rage then you can’t cast charge on you. But if you cast Charge first then Rage, even it didn’t show but you still have that Charge buff.

Force Staff, Blink and Lothar

A lot of people get one of this item for him. Personally, I think the “killing factor” for Naix is not element of suprise, it is fast and dangerous. Well even though, feel free to get these item while delay other items and be warned that for late game, you can hardly win their carry.

Laning and Farming

  • Your lane is always Bot Sentinel or Top Scourge because here is near the tower you can farm easily and harder for them to gank you. Remeber in mind that your first objective is to get 1950 gold for a Tread and a Glove Of Haste, and after that you simple can just go into jungle for fast farming (more than lane) if your lane just too hard.
  • The Farming Picture: Basically don’t gank too much before you get Basher. Here is the picture, expect you already have Tread and Glove Of Haste. You will farm in lane, but when near the river you will go in the jungle -> You farm in the jungle wait for their creep go near your base -> You farm lane… then jungle… In case you see one of their hero farming, all you do is scaring them away and don’t kill them since you just can’t yet. How to do is to get behind them, Open Wound and Rage at the right time, just hit them 3/4 health and most of the time they will run back and you continue the farming picture.
  • Your Ulti cooldown is quite short and doesn’t need a lot of mana, so don’t hesitate using it for health regen or sometimes farming.


  • Without Basher is very hard to gank someone but you can still try, it will be a lot of easier with your teammate. Ganking by Naix is all about timing since he have a slow skill, magic immune skill but you need to be very careful about the time. Here is a few situation (expect you have tread + glove of haste):
  • Gank someone without disable: If you wanna scare them away, is easy just run in hit them -> when they run cast open wound then follow by Rage. If you wanna kill them, then you must know the mark his health reach then you can kill them, just play smart to harrass him until he reach that mark.
  • Gank 1 disable: If you think he is not scared of you and can’t kill you in one combo and you can’t even do anythings (for example Lion). Then first, you need to act like you’re scared of him too, just farming like normally but let him harrass a bit… Let’s say he’s vs. First, you simply run to him, and let him stun you and hit like crazy (you might lose 1/2 health), don’t run away, keep hitting him and soon he will realize that he just can’t fight and run away, then cast Open Wounds then Rage for attack speed. If he still stand there while hitting you, so that’s for sure he wait for his stun cooldown, then just wait for the right time then Rage + Open Wounds.
  • So your combo is always like this -> check the mana first, you need at least 185 mana so you can Rage and Open Wound -> when you start a gank, never use all your skill, just hit them like normal. Use Rage when you feel he will stun you, and use Open Wound when he’s going to run. With Basher is almost the same tactic, but a lot easier to kill someone. Remind you again, Naix can kill someone, but the hard part is your timing!

Team Combat:

  • Let’s look at his skill, Naix doesn’t have any AOE skill but he has Rage which allow him to be magic immune for about 4.75 seconds. So his role here, is to kill all the disable who has very low health and simply can’t do anything to you because of Rage skill. So never ever get in the combat first, let your teammate take care of it and you run behind then get in them, when you know better cast Rage now or they will stun you then… cast it If they run away, cast open wounds then keep hitting. With this guide item build you will deal a very great damage and hard for them to get away because of the basher + your huge attack speed.


  • After my first guide about Ursa, I was kind of thinking not writing anymore since some people feel that Hero Guide is not a way of sharing, but is a place for proving who’s right or wrong. But well, I love Dota, and just wanna share the way I play so that someone might try it and love it too. For those who dislike my guide and try to prove that I’m wrong, oh well, you will be busy from now on since I will write hell more guide for you to spam ^^ Thanks for make my guide have more attetion.

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